Fun Climbing Walls

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rock climbing wall for kids

We offer 5 different types of climbing walls at our arena. Our uniquely fun climbing walls are only available at our venue in Singapore:

  • Let ’em Play Wall
    • The moment you enter the arena, you will be greeted by our brand name “Let ’em Play” displayed on our first wall.
    • Take on the challenge to warm up your muscles by attempting to reach the top by manoeuvring around the alphabets!
  • Face-to-Face Transparent Climb Wall
    • Our transparent wall allows you to climb face-to-face with your friends should you feel up for a friendly competition. You will be able to see each other through the walls while climbing. Up your climbing challenge with this wall!


  • Giraffe Climb Wall
    • rock climbing wall for kids

      climbing walls singapore

      For all those who aim to be as tall as a giraffe, try conquering our giraffe wall by climbing up to its highest. With the wall in the shape of a giraffe, you will be climbing to meet its head!


  • Tree Climbing
    • Tree climbing is a recreational activity consisting of ascending and moving around in the crown of trees.
    • This particular tree will allow you to explore different forms of climbing.


  • Speed Climbing (2 walls side-by-side ideal for competitive challenges)Speed climbing is about reaching the top in the fastest time possible. Speed is the ultimate goal. With the auto-belay system, the only thing holding you back from
    fun climbing walls

    giraffe climbing wall singapore

    achieving the highest score on the wall is yourself! So if you are up for a challenge, this is the wall for you. Challenge yourself to remain on our speed-climb leader boards.

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