Students Learning Journey

This sets of programs fit perfectly for school groups. Teachers will only need to bring the groups over to Let ’em Play’s Premise in Tradehub 21 and our trainers will take over from there. We offer a set of Learning Journey Program, specially crafted out for the students.

Typically student groups will come for the indoor high elements obstacle course (the only one in Singapore) and the fun climbing walls and we will have our trainers to help in the belay on those walls and also to guide the students on the climbing techniques. We will also provide trainers on the high elements obstacle course to ensure safety and proper conduct while they are going through the elements. During which, they will takeaway traits like teamwork, leadership, communication and many more.

Schools can also come specially for the latest craze – Augmented Reality Climbing / Bouldering (AR Climbing), first ever in Singapore! There will be a trainer to conduct the session and rotate the participants so everyone will get a go at it. This is definitely a MUST DO in our attraction. Technology and setup is acquired from Finland. It is a hybrid on modern tech advancement together with traditional bouldering walls involving interactive challenges.

Usual Rates apply as per website and schools will only need to pay additional for the number of trainers on site at your specific time. Schools can choose to book the whole premise exclusively as well.


robots team buildingFor school groups looking at a sit down and brain simulating type of engagement, Let ’em Play offers our Robotics Lab Programs where students will get to try out different types of innovative and fun robots which we have gathered from all around the world. These robots are specially chosen because of their capabilities and functions. Students will be exposed to building those mean machines and program them to do various tasks in a fun and interactive way. They will learn to make and build the robots and also to execute programming algorithm via an iPad. For subsequent in-depth lessons, students will even be able to design what they want their robots to perform and how their robots should look like, according to task(s) required.

We limit to a maximum of 25 students on one seating so we can encourage maximum participation from everyone. Rates will apply depending on group size, age group and duration.


Special Learning Journey Program for Schools

School Learning Journey Program

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