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We run a comprehensive list of indoor team building activities at our venue (function room space), and these programmes may be customized for your company’s needs:

Sim-City-Alive (new!): A city in crisis and the team has been called in to rescue the city – pull your robotic resources together, re-light up the city and get everything going once again. Calls for strong teamwork, communication and collaboration efforts from every member in the team to work towards a common goal.

robots team buildingRobot Wars (new!): Think Transformers come alive! In this programme, your team competes to build, test and prototype the best robot for a series of skill and speed challenges against other teams. Build your own battle bots today and complete the challenges in the fastest possible

Sphero Grand Prix (new!): We bring to you something unique by incorporating robotic gadgets in our specially customized teambuilding programme, the ‘Sphero Grand Prix’! Be part of a team that conceptualises and constructs a race course for this latest gadget, ‘Sphero’ – which is a robotic ball that can be controlled via mobile applications.

Customize your own Receptionist (new!): This collaborative project gels a team together by getting everyone involved in building, customizing, designing and programming your every own Receptionist! A fun activity that gets everyone excited with the purpose of working towards a common goal and bringing back the robot for your office usage after. No two receptionists are the same! Programme yours to say exactly what you want him/her to when visitors come by your office.

Lights Camera Action: You’ll be creating your own script, storyboard based on a specific theme presented to all teams. Be creative! Different stations allow teams to compete to ‘win’ props and items necessary for their re-enactment and presentation. Teams will work closely within their teams to agree on a common consensus for their projects, allocate different roles and responsibilities in a team, and have the opportunity to negotiate and trade with other teams to achieve win-win.

Gift-a-Schoolbag: Come together as a team to serve a greater social responsibility by embarking on our Gift-a-box programme. As part of this CSR programme, teams complete various station games to ‘win’ items that they can put into a schoolbag. Items include practical schooling items – notebooks, writing materials, basic books etc. Teams can also customise their giving by including their corporate logos and personalise a greeting card for their recipient.

Pit-Stop: Think large-scale board game with a twist! Combining the fun of playing a board game while hitting the buzzer to answer trivia questions, teams also need to strategize and plan resources during different ‘pit-stops’ located on the board. Each ‘pit-stop’ requires teams to make important decisions in investment, purchases and trading. This game fosters strong team cooperation, effective adaptation to changing environments and planning ahead to achieve success.

Minute to Win It Team BuildingMinute to WIN It: The best energizer / warm-up activity for new groups to get to know one another better, this activity involves a series of mini-games which require teams to send members up for the ‘one-minute’ challenges. Play to the strengths of each team member for challenges such as; ‘fastest fingers first’, ‘best balancing act’, ‘best paired coordination’, etc. Great way to appreciate diversity in a team in this fast-paced activity.

CSI Investigation: Ever wanted to solve a pseudo-criminal case through lights camera actioninvestigation and visiting ‘crime scenes’ just like in the TV programme? This programme conducted through a role-playing scenario with participants being the investigation team and facilitators as CSI ‘case suspects’ whom teams will need to interview in order to piece together the crime story.

Builder’s Quest: As the title suggests, the main objective of this activity requires teams to come together to complete a ‘build-task’. Working with limited resources, teams will need to plan a clear strategy while allocating their resources and manpower accordingly. Through the course of the programme, additional scenarios depicting a real-life office environment will be thrown into play as challenges for the teams to cope with.

indoor team buildingCreative Juice: You will be presented with a range of  juices, sodas and syrups to create your very own concoction of drinks. The task also requires you to unleash your creativity to design your new drink to be placed in your office pantry! Teams work closely to mix and taste the drink, package the drink and come up a strong branding and presentation to sell their drinks to fellow colleagues.

DISC Personality Profiling: DISC measures personal behaviour that expands to a work setting of what you are expected to be and what you truly are. There are four personality types, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance, that blend together to determine your unique personality. This programme allows you to achieve better self awareness, team synergy, appreciation of diversity in teams. It serves as a good foundation to develop strong teams and developing people-leaders instead of task-managers.

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